Agile Project Management - An overview on techniques and the agile mindset


The website of the event can be found here. I have used a miro-board to present the information, it can be found here.


Being agile has become a fashionable word for project management and working methods for companies in recent years.

This is synonymous with modern structures, effective organization, and working patterns. A number of concepts such as “design thinking”, “lean startup” or “scrum” are at least known by their name. In the academic community, these ideas are not applied often and sometimes look a bit overburdening. The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview of the agile mindset and a general introduction to the methodologies used. We will focus on the aspects which might be interesting for academic people, as not all roles and artifacts can and should be realized in a reasonable way in our current environment.

First, we address the basic question of what agility is and why we need to be agile. Following this, we will examine the paradigms and methods used in the agile mindset. Finally, we will look at Scrum, which is a method for carrying out complex tasks done in small agile teams. This is particularly interesting as we typically work in small teams in the academic environment.

This is a condensed overview of the experience from a two-day skill workshop on agile methods.