ADF-BDD.DEV: Debug Abstract Dialectical Frameworks with Binary Decision Diagrams


This gives an overview of the recent research on the representation and visualisation of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks (ADFs) with Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs). It reviews and presents the results of the XLoKR (Workshop on Explainable Logic-Based Knowledge Represenation) paper.


Abstract Dialectical Frameworks (ADF) are a well known and understood generalisation of Dung’s Argumentation frameworks. Multiple approaches to solve the computation and enumeration of the semantics have been proposed over the last decade. One recent approach is to solve the computational hard problems by translating the acceptance condition of a given ADF into reduced ordered binary decision diagrams (roBDD). While the number of solvers for ADFs is plentyful, they merely give text-based solutions to the problems. The use of roBDDs lays a foundation for straightforward graphical visualization of the underlying ADFs and their solutions. In this work, we present ADF-BDD.DEV, a web-service that generates graphical solutions to ADFs for different semantics, allowing their comparison and to spot the influence of yet undecided statements. We think that this is a first steps towards better explainability and simplifies debugging of ADFs.


Slides can be downloaded here.