Rule-Based Paradigms in KR

Seminar, TU Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science, Knowledge-Based Systems Group, 2021


The field of knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR) addresses how to represent, manipulate, and generate knowledge by accommodating a plethora of various paradigms. One basic principle follows the rule-based approach. There knowledge as well as additionally inferable knowledge is represented by a set of rules. One rule is usually in the form of a simple implication (i.e. A -> B), which intuitively states that “If the premise holds, the conclusion shall hold too”.

This Seminar will be focused on different rule-based paradigms which has been investigated, applied, and has been relevant in the recent decades. The main topics will be

  • Datalog
  • Answer Set Programming
  • Distributed rule-based reasoning formalisms

We offer a variety of topics, including conceptional and modelling aspects as well as analysis.

The goal of this course is to read, analyse, and understand a given scientific paper and prepare a report as well as a presentation of the topic. Therefore additional skills like basic literature search and the acquisition of knowledge on underlying concepts will be required and trained.

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