Teaching experience Leipzig - Master’s courses

MSc courses, Leipzig University, Computer Science Institute, Intelligent Systems Group, 2020

Knowledge Representation

This winter term module consists of a lecture, a seminar, and a practical course

Practical course

2017 - 2020

In this seminar the students should have learned the syntax and semantics of answer set programming. They should be able to model every-day combinatorial planning problems with ASP and solve them efficiently with the solver clingo.

During my certification process for the Saxon Higher Education Didactics Certificate, this course got redesigned as a blended learning experience which utilised e-learning technologies to enhance in-person learning parts. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the course focused on the e-teaching elements. The in-person sessions have been realised with synchronuous online conferences.


2013, 2014, 2019

In this Seminar students are tasked to prepare a talk on a given scientific topic in the field of knowledge representation.



In this Lecture with multiple topics, I have covered “Multi-Context Systems”.

Intelligent Systems


This winter term seminar has been about preparing and discussing scientific talks on current advances for intelligent systems

Logic in Computer Science


This summer term seminar has been about preparing and discussing scientific talks on logics.

Semantic Web Technologies


This summer term seminar asked the students to prepare talks on current semantic web technologies.